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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Supercharge your home with Next Level Home Solutions, the ultimate destination for top-tier carpet cleaning in Raleigh, NC! Elevate your living space today and experience unparalleled cleaning for both your residential and commercial properties. Say goodbye to stains, dirt, and allergens with our cutting-edge techniques, including hot water extraction, dry-cleaning, and vacuuming. Trust the best in the business - Next Level Home Solutions!

Join Next Level and Rediscover Your Confidence in Carpet and upholstery Cleaning Service!

Carpet Cleaning

Experience the Ultimate Carpet Cleaning with Next Level Home Solutions in Raleigh NC! Trust the Experts in Carpet Cleaning to revitalize your carpets and create a clean, healthy, and safe environment for your loved ones and pets. Our hot water extraction method eliminates a whopping 94% of common household allergens, leaving your carpets fresh and pleasant-smelling. Don't settle for ordinary vacuuming when you can have our expert team restore the comfort and beauty of your carpets like never before. Whether it's your home or commercial property, we cater to all! Contact us today and let us make your carpets shine like never before.

2 Room Special...$80

5 Room Special...$170

6 Room Special...$190


Upholstery cleaning

Get ready to elevate your upholstery cleaning experience with Next Level Home Solutions in Raleigh, NC! Say goodbye to trapped dust, dirt, oil, and grime with our ultimate deep cleaning. Not only will it revitalize your upholstery's appearance, but it will also extend its lifespan. Don't miss out on the transformative power of our next level cleaning services!


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Unleash the Power of Next Level Home Solutions in Raleigh NC for the Ultimate Dryer Vent Cleaning Experience! Say goodbye to clogged and inefficient dryers with Next Level Home Solutions of Raleigh. We offer top-notch professional dryer vent cleaning services for both homes and businesses in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Don't let lint and debris stand in your way - our experts will tackle even the toughest clogs to ensure your dryer runs smoothly and safely. Get peace of mind and a fire-free environment with our exceptional services.

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