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Mobile Detailing

At Next Level Home Solutions, we are proud to provide solutions for mobile detailing services in Raleigh and surrounding areas that go above and beyond. Our experienced team of professionals will give your vehicle the Next Level treatment through a range of services from window tinting to ceramic coating for Automobiles. We specialize in both boat and RV detailing so you can trust us with all your needs! Our mission is to offer top-notch quality service at an affordable price with fast turnaround times that exceed our customers' satisfaction. It's our vision to be the go-to company when it comes to providing comprehensive solutions for any projects.

Join Next Level and Rediscover Your Confidence in Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing and Car Wash Service

Say farewell to a filthy car and welcome Next Level Home Solutions into your life! Unsure about which detailing package is best for your vehicle? Look no further! Next Level Home Solutions is ready to provide exceptional Mobile Detailing and Car Wash Service in the vibrant city of Raleigh. Whether you're nestled safely at home or hustling at work, we've got your back. From a quick and easy wash to an in-depth makeover with our magical Paint Correction process, we've got the expertise to transform your vehicle into a work of art.

Tell us what you want done and we will quote you a price!


Automotive Window Tint

Get the Next Level treatment for your car at Next Level Home Solutions! Upgrade your ride with our top-notch automotive Window Tinting services. Choose from our wide selection of Ceramic and Carbon window tint, available in any shade you desire. And the best part? Our tint comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-lasting quality. Swing by our convenient location, just a short 5-minute drive from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Give your car the ultimate upgrade it deserves!

Ceramic Window Tint

Front 2 Doors ......................$100

4 Doors & Back Windshield ..$300

Carbon Window Tint

Front 2 doors......................$80

4 Doors & Back Windshield .$150


Ceramic Coating

Transform your car into a sleek and protected masterpiece with Next Level Home Solutions, the leading installer of Ceramic Coating in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our magical liquid polymer bonds with your vehicle's clearcoat, shielding it against the harsh elements. Say goodbye to acid rain, grime, dirt, industrial fallout, UV rays, water spots, and bird droppings! Give your ride the ultimate defense it deserves. Get a quote today and experience the power of ceramic car coating, or stop by our location for the ultimate demo

6Mts Spray Ceramic is hydrophobic and Repels Dirt $100

5 Year (Two Layers of Ceramics - 1layer of Scratch resistant & 1 Layer of Repel)  Cars $600    Truck/Van/Suv $800

10 Year (Three Layer of Ceramics - 2 Layer of Scratch Resistant & 1 Layer of Repel).  Cars $1100    Truck/Van/Suv $1,500

Life Time (Six Layers Of Ceramics - 5 Layers of Scratch Resistant & 1 Layer of Repel).  Cars $2,500    Truck/Van/Suv $3,000


Boat Detailing

Say goodbye to boat oxidation woes! If your precious vessel needs a thorough washing, waxing, or expert gelcoat oxidation removal, look no further than Next Level Home Solutions. We are proud to be the certified service provider in the Jordan Lake area. Hailing from Raleigh, we're not afraid to hit the road and cover the North Carolina highways for your convenience. Get ready to sail in style with our top-notch services!


Outside Only

Wash Only.............$8per ft

Wash & Wax..........$14per ft

Oxidation Removal...$23per Ft

Inside Only....$15per ft


Wash, Wax & Full Interior...............$26per ft

Oxidized Exterior & Full Interior........$35per ft


RV, Trailer and Motorhome Detailing

Say farewell to all your RV, Trailer, and Motorhome troubles! When it comes to giving it a deep clean, shiny wax, or removing pesky fiberglass oxidation, there's no better choice than Next Level Home Solutions. We are thrilled to be the trusted service provider in Raleigh NC and we're always ready to hit the road and travel the North Carolina highways just to serve you better. Get prepared to cruise in pure elegance with our exceptional services!

Outside Only

Wash Only.............$8per ft

Wash & Wax..........$16per ft

Oxidation Removal...$26per Ft

Inside Only....$19per ft


Wash & Full Interior.......................$22per ft

Wash, Wax & Full Interior..............$29per ft

Oxidized Exterior & Full Interior.......$39per ft

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